I want to thank everyone who’s bought my book and shared my Links or pictures. I really appreciate it and very grateful. I’m really proud of my book Souille! Also if you have read it please consider leaving a review on Amazon or goodreads. Reviews help me out more than anything. Even a small review is great.

Anyway just wanted to make a post about how I’m still writing. I have finished about three other books but slowly doing the editing process which takes forever because I want to make it right. One of the books I have finished I would really like to send to a publisher. Of course I don’t have my hopes up but it would definitely be amazing if I was able to get published by a real publisher. It’s definitely my dream and I’ll keep trying until it happens. I’m in a bit of a writer’s rut right now with some riders block. But it happens and I know I’ll get through it.

I’m excited about the ones I have finished and hopefully sooner rather than later I can actually make the world them. It’s funny because I don’t make any money but I love doing it exciting and I want others to know that world. Maybe someday I’ll make a living on them and that would be awesome. Well it’s all the updates I have! Just stay tuned. And I appreciate anyone sharing this also! Thank you for all the support.


“Souille is a riveting novella that artfully blends elements of horror and science fiction to craft a high-stakes adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. When Natalie’s life is thrown into chaos after a terrible hurricane leaves her hometown in ruins, she’s thrust into a deadly face-off against strange and malicious entities in her desperate struggle for survival.

Forced to put her trust in strangers as she searches for the truth behind the creatures now stalking her former home, Natalie must draw on all her wits if she wants to stay one step ahead. But with no help on the horizon and the monsters closing in, time is running out if she wants to get out of this alive…

Perfect for fans of thrilling adventure novellas with a dash of horror, Souille is ideal for readers looking for a gritty and engaging read.”