Something new coming soon!

I know I don’t post much on my website. And I apologize for that! But I never know what I’m supposed to post. I guess I’m just bad at that. But I do post more on my Instagram, so if you’re interested in that. I am there too!

Anyway the point is that I will be coming out with something soon! It’s a book I’ve had finished for a while now but I’m still excited about it. I finished three books in the last year and a half and I want to publish at least two of them this year. One of them I probably won’t be able to publish for a while because it’s actually a prequel to a different book. Which I haven’t even started on that series yet heh…

Anyway this new novel that’s coming out, is of course a sci-fi action! But there’s nothing I left more than horror and adventures. I hope people enjoy it. I don’t expect it to make giant waves or anything. I spend more money than I make when I self-publish. And that’s okay! Maybe someday I’ll be a best-seller or maybe I want ever be one. It’s okay because I just love writing, so self-expression thing and it’s really relaxing and fun.

I’m trying to focus on other books too. But I get so distracted by so many different ideas. Sometimes I just can’t focus on one! Which makes me not able to focus on any. But as I said, I will have one out soon. I’m having the cover made now! So I’ll be able to post that soon. Otherwise, I just finished a series called The Glory on Netflix! It’s a Korean show and it’s so good! About a girl getting revenge on her high school bullies. It’s so good! I’ve been just watched it in two days. Also I’ve almost finished a family size box of tricks in 2 days haha

I should make it a goal to try and post more on here. I guess I’ll try to figure out what too post on here. Well anyway! If you’ve read this, thank you. And stay tuned!

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