The Dawn of Oblivion

The planet is dead. Can she escape being next?

“Clinging to the last vestige of a world in ruins, Amaya must fight tooth and nail to carve out a place for herself and save the people she loves. Faced with rival survivors, bloodthirsty monsters, and the ever-looming threat of starvation, the wasteland will push Amaya to her limits – and force her to question what she’s willing to do to survive.

Amid their ruined planet, creatures linger in the dark. Staying quiet and watching her every move may be her only weapon. But after she falls in with a group of survivors, secrets begin to spill out… and it soon becomes clear that the monsters are the least of her problems. The real devil in the dark might be right beside her.

Because when you’re when faced with oblivion, it’s impossible to know who you can trust…”

Oblivion is a thrilling post-apocalyptic science fiction novel about one girl’s fight for survival against all odds. Set in the last vestige of a dying world, Amaya struggles to carve out a place for herself amid a hostile wasteland crawling with monsters. When she falls in with a gang of survivors, she thinks she’s found momentary safety – but as secrets begin to spill out, she quickly realizes that their already messed up world is about to get much darker…

Imbued with themes of courage, resilience, and triumph against the odds, Oblivion is a riveting and imaginative sci-fi novel that explores the dark side of humanity – and the lengths we’re willing to go to in order to survive. Perfect for any reader who loves post-apocalyptic and futuristic fiction, this gripping book has all the high-stakes thrills and eerie suspense that will keep you hooked from the very first page.

My newest book will be out soon! Just a few things left to do. I finished this book over a year ago. But, just started getting things moving. It’ll be on amazon for ebook and paperback. Just as I always do… It is a sci-fi thriller! But what else would it be? I love horror crazy stuff! Adventures that make you stay on the edge of your seat! Also I have another book that is finished too and will come out this year too… hopefully. I am glad to get another out. I know I don’t make money on my books but it is fun knowing that maybe somebody will read it! Who knows?

Will it’ll be coming soon! Thanks for reading and being supportive.

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