I have a new novel coming out soon! I finished it last year but of course the editing process takes a while. This is a short novella and of course it’s science fiction with a twist of horror and action. My favorite kind of stories! This is a story that is attached to a couple of others that I’m working on. You don’t necessarily have to read others to understand this one but it all makes sense eventually. Not that the book won’t make sense it will. At least if you love sci-fi you’ll definitely enjoy it. I’m super excited about it and this book is definitely changed quite a lot from what it was originally going to be but I’m definitely happy with how it ended up. Super excited and hopefully others will enjoy it too.

“She thought she’d buried her past. Then the nightmares returned.

Devastated by the murder of her family and haunted by a wave of harrowing nightmares, Amy Wicker fights to put the ghosts of her past behind her and move on with her life. A good job, a new boyfriend, and a renewed outlook gives her hope that she’s resigned her trauma to a distant recess of her mind.

But when the nightmares suddenly return, Amy’s new life is thrown into chaos as she reopens a past that she swore she’d left behind her. Tumbling headlong into a personal quest to explore her inner world and locate the mysterious source of her nightly terrors, Amy must grapple with a bending reality as she begins to unearth the sinister nature behind her dreams.

Every night, she grows closer to the truth – and closer to solving the murder of the family she loved. But her self-discovery twists into something far darker, and there are forces that will stop at nothing to make sure the truth never sees the light of day. The more Amy searches in her dreams, the more she wishes she’d never started…

Artfully blending suspenseful science fiction with haunting themes of self-exploration and the mysteries of the dream world, Wicker is a riveting novel where sci-fi and psychological thriller collide.”