Chapter one of The Embers of Amour.

Hello everyone! This is the first Chapter of my novel The Embers of Amour! Enjoy! If you would like to read more the ebook is only .99 cents on amazon! Buy The Embers of Amour on Amazon! My facebook! -Chapter one- Abby woke in a sudden outburst of tears and sweat. She gasped for air as her lungs burned, and her skin crawled. Above her … Continue reading Chapter one of The Embers of Amour.


Apologies for not updating often. I know I need to. Apparently updating your website often is a good thing for you. Those since I have such a small fan base I don’t know if they even know about this website. But I should updated it more. Anyway I am finished writing A Way Home. I haven’t started editing it yet. Because I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading Update!